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construction + development

Building the finest custom homes since 2007

Atherton - Penninsula - Willow Glen - PNW

1920 spanish staircase


Our Philosophy

     A home isn't just a shelter from the elements. A home is the place we spend eighty percent of our life. A home is a living embodiment of our personality, our family, our ambitions. A home provides motivation, warmth and comfort.  

     Our team begin and end every project with this in mind. Whether a custom-built estate, or a home designed and developed for future use. Sunzeri homes are built without compromise and with a discerning eye for craftmanship and quality.

"Buildings are deeply emotive structures which form our psyche. People think they're just things they maneuver through, but the makeup of a person is influenced by the nature of spaces"

                                                                          - David Adjaye

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